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Cold Red Mute began in a dark basement in country Victoria with founding members Christian Black and Josh Block jamming out vicious speed-freak rock/metal riffs, brooding stoner jams and dark country blues. After relocating to Melbourne and going through many line-up changes, the boys finally found the missing links: First as a terrifying trio with punk-metal-bass-beast Joey Inturrisi and then as a fire-breathing 4-piece with metal-infused stoner-rock guitarist Trintin Bock. Cold Red Mute set about creating a tight, brutal live set whilst debuting the rock solid, self titled debut LP COLD RED MUTE.... a V8 muscle-car blend of psychotropic punk, rock and metal combining monolithic, sand-devil riffage with dark country death-blues, brutal ska-punk and the drunken swagger of the sunset strip.


released July 13, 2013

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COLD RED MUTE Melbourne, Australia

“Damn this is good!!! This is what real Rock & Roll is all about. Loud, primal, vicious and delicious” – Mick Griffin, 106.7 Phoenix FM

New EP coming to you very soon Mutants, stay tuned!!

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Track Name: I'm Electric
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/COLD RED MUTE

I’m electric
Neon light
Senses racing
In the night

I’m a demon collector
I’m a big black limousine
I got another confession
They find me so obscene

I’m electric
I’m on fire
I’m erected
Twisted spire

I’m a lizard connector
I’ll find you in your dreams
I’m a gizzard inspector
When I hear your twisted screams

I am the night
I am your dreams
I am the silence in your screams
I am the ice inside your veins
I am the one that brings you pain

I’m elecric
Bursting flame
Nighttime racing
Stripped away

I’m a broken connection
No dial tone in my brain
I got no recollection
Of how I am to blame

I’m electric
Nighttime chew
And I’m crawling over you

I’m a skin collector
I’ll strip you of your bones
I’m a sinister spector
When I find you
In your home

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Wolfish
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/COLD RED MUTE

I dug a thousand holes
Ten miles deep
I felt the burning mud
On my feet
A wolf dressed in the skin of sheep
There’s a devil in the thoughts I keep

I’m tired of watching you
And all you’ll ever be
My wolfish smile
Is all you’ll ever see

In the darkest woods
I did creep
By the light of the moon
I took a peep
The cellar door
A sound it creeks
Secrets in the place I keep

Repeat chorus

I gotta bad wish
I could make
And I’ll find you in your dreams
I gotta collect
Your soul
In this cold, dark memory
I felt
I felt
I felt your misery
I kept
I kept it all inside of me
Track Name: The Hills
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/COLD RED MUTE

It lives alone in the deep of the hills
Bodies groan with creeping chills
It lives inside all the eyes of the night
The rat scampers and the owl takes flight

Never go too far
Never leave the car tonight
Never take it hard
Never look into the light

There’s a sound on the edge of the wind
A bitter cry for all our guilt and sin
The snake lives deep inside of the well
The rivers dying in a dry spell

Repeat chorus

Don’t turn around
There’s nothing to be found
Don’t leave the town
Follow the sickening sound
Bad makes the next town
Bad makes the next turn right
Bad makes the next town
Take flight

The hearts of men live inside these trees
Hear the sound of the dying breeze
Dead leaves cover death pleas
Broken promises
Broken knees

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Kicked in the Head
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/COLD RED MUTE

Titanic train-ride
Titanium wreck
Ride the scales
As you breathe down my neck
Keep your arms inside the car at all times
Follow the trail
Of broken white lines

Falling straight down the well
Falling straight down to hell
Sobering slowly my blood has been bled
Holy smokes I’ve been kicked in the head

A flash of searing pain
Cut and slash
A stash of acid rain
Hide behind a pane of broken glass
A twitching ball of nerves
You bet your ass
Nailed to the line
Your balls to the wall
Feel the rush of blood
And heed the call
Ride the snake into the open pit
Ejaculate into the beavers grip

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Noose
Lyrics: J. Inturrisi/C. Block Music: J. Inturrisi/COLD RED MUTE

So many things cross my mind
For the answers I can’t find
We leave Do we say good bye
This shitty world we leave behind
It raises up It breaks your crown
Your fucking lies they bring me down
So much anger so much hate
Should we all fall to fate

And when the world comes crashing down will i still be around
and when we go to sleep we say good night with a beautiful sound
we live to die we live to die
some of us live for greatness
we live to die we live to die
Some of us live for greatness
Where have you gone where are you now?

There is nothing left to say
When it all is said too late
Another day another down
Another sinking in the ground

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Always to Blame
Lyrics: C. Block Music: E. Bevan/COLD RED MUTE

I was walkin’
In the back-door
I was never gonna draw the blinds

You was talkin’
In the cat-house
You was never gonna be left behind

You got a bad reputation I need it
You’re gonna give it to me now I feel it
Stick it out right now I’ll beat it
Spread it out before you eat it

Be relieved that I left you breathin’
And left your teeth in
You better believe it
You think it’s OK
We’re out of cocaine
High on propane
And feeling no pain
Forget the shame cuz I’m always to blame

You’re lonely
I know that
You was always gonna walk the same track
I’m only your friend that
Fills you up when you’re feeling so black
You got it
I’ll take it
I’ll never let you come back down
You’re slinkin’
I’m sinkin’
I’m slippin’ on the edge of town

I got a bad reputation you need it
I’m gonna give it to you now
You’ll feel it
Stick it out right now you’ll beat it
Spread it out before I eat it

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Helicopter
Lyrics: C. Block Music: J. Dawkins/COLD RED MUTE

I’m the doctor
Where’s my pills?
I’m a helicopter
My minds in jail
Don’t you ever wonder
How to be still?
I’m going under
I’m distilled

Another shot and I’m in hell
Another shot and I’m in ecstasy
Another shot and I’m in hell
Another shot and I’m in ecstasy

I’m a cobra
Strike to thrill
I’m a helicopter
Strike to kill
Rivers deep
Waters still
I’m going under
I’m distilled

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Human
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/E. Bevan/COLD RED MUTE

Suppress natural instinct
And human emotion
Ashamed and degraded
To be its slave
“I am my own master!”
I hear you cry
See no
Hear no
Speak no evil
Turn a blind eye

More drugs if you please
Thinking too much is a disease
I don’t wanna learn no more
But I love to talk

Modern man – democracy
Crippled by convenience
Enslaved by stability and greed
Modern man defeated by
His own intelligence
And capacity to satisfy
Our every need

Repeat chorus

The greatest sin
I commit every day
To live and breathe
Under a sheath of grey
Under a sheath of grey
Under a sheath of grey
Track Name: No Way Out
Lyrics: C. Block Music: C. Block/COLD RED MUTE

Follow me on a strange ride
And I’ll bury you alive
Strips of burning gasoline
Streets are empty
Time to make a scene
Get on out

Now I’m gonna drag you down
I’m buried in the sound
And I see no way out

Follow me on a desolate highway
A hot black-top like a dirty fly hey
We’re burning can’t you tell
Tanks on empty
Time to make a scene
I’ll see you in hell

Now I’m gonna drag you down
I’m buried in the sound
And I’ll drive you into the ground
I’m buried in the sand
And I see no way out

Follow me on a strange trip
And I might give you the slip
We’re on a rocket heading for Mars
Minds are empty
Lost inside a dream
Get on out

Repeat chorus